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Record Release Concerts in Switzerland

May 10 and 11 of 2019
June 13 and 14 of 2019

Recent shows in Barcelona

Magic🤩 Elements in Motion Live @ Cinema Girona,Barcelona

Geplaatst door Elements – official op Zaterdag 17 november 2018

Grans elements!! Música per l'anima

Geplaatst door Maria Rosa Buch op Zondag 18 november 2018

Elements in Motion is a meeting between Switzerland and Catalonia. A sound that captures the musical influences its composers have acquired during their travelings and experiences in different countries. His melodies move in a varied aesthetic, from Pop-Folk, Celtic, Gypsy, to genres from North and South America. Their musical diversity allows them to use several languages. They call their concept The Pan-European Music also because their messages from the Continental Europe. The Europe of the Peoples and their values of coexistence. Songs like La danse, Europe in Motion or Stars on Blue are an example of it. Review a press article

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Meet The Band

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Marc Durandeau is a Catalan Singer-Songwriter and producer settled in Magdeburg, Germany with 6 albums released, a Documentary and films soundtrack composer. His Song’s Catalog includes over 200 titles published by Picap, Talent Beach, Universal Music, Temps Record and VadeVeus. He is a Grammy nominee, a Billboard No. 1 Latin Tracks 2005, BMI Award, Telemundo Composer of the Year and Exit Award by Tv3 – Catalunya Radio.

Daniel Thürler is the Jimi Hendrix of the Swiss Accordion according to the Swiss press. Composer, performer and producer of traditional Swiss and blues music with 6 albums on the market. He has been a founder and collaborator of several Blues bands in Europe and the United States. The compositions and the accordion of Daniel have sounded in concert halls of New York, Paris, Dublin, Moscow, Singapore, Barcelona, among others.

Alex Miralles is the Catalan ‹‹ Slow-hand-tall-man ›› with lots of scenario experiences with different bands in Barcelona. Co-founder of several Blues and Rock bands as well as tribute bands. Moving from Pop to Latin to Jazz he is one of the most wanted guitar players in town, for its wide experience on the guitar and vocals, his fast arrangements resources and his positive attitude. 

Alfred Mosimann begins his musical career before becoming a musician. When he was a child he received an important musical influence from his family, a decisive
factor for him when no long after he become a bass and contrabass player. His path as a bass man is wide. He is a composer and performer of various styles therefor he has been a co-founder of several bands of Folk, Blues and Pop music. He has participated in countless recordings for third-party artists and bands.